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In the early 1980’s, Jack & Debbie Hawn had a vision. What they observed within the commercial freight industry, in particular the specialized sector of Furniture Carriers, was an opportunity to provide consistently reliable service to their customers utilizing state-of the-art technology, high caliber equipment, and unquestioned quality in personnel. Their vision transformed into reality, and over the past quarter century, Zenith Freight Lines, through tireless effort and substantial investment, has become the premier carrier of home furnishing products nationwide. The commitment made years ago carries on to this day. Constantly improving and staying abreast of industry trends, Zenith sets the standard by which all others are to be measured. It’s all about commitment.
  • Commitment to reliability- Zenith maintains a modern fleet of equipment unparalleled in the industry as to features, functionality, durability, safety and quality of manufacture. We also have the lowest driver turnover rate in the industry. Our average driver tenure is 13.5 years. We take care of them, and they take care of you, with error-free, on time delivery…on your terms.

  • Commitment to Communication- All units within Zenith’s fleet are equipped with QualComm satellite modules, allowing our control center in Conover, NC to maintain real-time communication with drivers as well as monitoring the exact location & performance of each transporter on the highway. Most importantly, our customers are no more than a keystroke away from tracking the exact status of their shipment.

  • Commitment to logistics- State-of-the-art computerization allows Zenith to schedule, organize and expedite the shipment of products originating from a multitude of manufacturers & suppliers. The systems conceived & initiated by Zenith are not only ahead of their time, but are currently being used as models for future development within the industry.

  • Commitment to Service- The staff of Zenith Customer Service Representatives are intensively trained and tested long before their very first contact with our customers. When you call with a concern, a question, or an idea…we want you to be speaking with a seasoned, qualified professional who will make your contact with Zenith a pleasurable and accomplishing experience. You deserve it.
The vision lives on….with you in mind.

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